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We are able to offer you the best traditional food and wine products of the region Abruzzo enhancing the authenticity of the local products and always discovering new culinary delights. Our goal is to preserve the ancient gastronomic tradition of the greenest region of Europe: Abruzzo.
Pianella is a small town two hours away from Rome located between the Gran Sasso mountain and the Adriatic Sea. The town has been awarded the “Bandiera Verde” (Green flag) for several years. This is an important award that the Italian Agriculture Confederation gives to companies and institutions highlighting traditional regional products. The Pagliaricci family has been living in Pianella since 1693 and its new generation keeps working on this long lasting agro-food tradition under the name of Imperiale d'Abruzzo.
The emperors of the Roman Empire were already enjoying the traditional delights coming from Abruzzo. Nowadays we want you to enjoy them too, this is why our name is Imperiale d'Abruzzo.


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"Now in the land of Abruzzi my shepherds leave the folds and go towards the sea: they go down to the wild Adriatic that is green like mountain pastures."

Gabriele D'Annunzio